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Think Eco

Do you know?
Bottled water costs 3,500 times the price of tap water.
In Singapore 100,000,000 PET bottles are used every year
An average of 85,000,000 PET bottles end up in the garbage
Landfill are full of PET bottles toxic wastes that leach into the soil
This pollutes and endagers our drinking water!
To manufacture 100,000,000 PET bottles 1,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide are produced
So switch to Eco product and save our Earth

Regeneration Anti Aging Set $177.00

Regeneration Anti Aging Set $177.00
comprises: Tight, Firm & Fill 28g / Face & Neck Lotion 50g / Overnite Recovery Eye Capsules 4.1g

TupperClean Your Household Cleaner (Concentrated with pH balanced)

TupperClean Your Household Cleaner (Concentrated with pH balanced)
Laundry Detergent S$16.60 / Laundry Compound S$12.80 / Steel & Copper Cleaner S$11.20 / Hand Soup S$7.90 / All purpose Cleaner S$12.20 / Dish Wash $9.60


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